There is lots to be encouraged about from our Gateway Kids sessions and how our children are being inspired and engaging on a Sunday – the team have noticed how peaceful the atmosphere is each week with many learning more about the bible and taking away a greater understanding of God’s word.


We had an excellent Leaders meeting the other week where Matt Hatch gave some helpful and honest insights into navigating adversity.


It has been great to have 2 visiting speakers over the last few weeks with Natalie Williams who gave a challenging message on loving people who are different to us in the church and also Igor from Ukraine who gave a very inspiring and engaging message from the book of Ruth with interpretation aid from Naomi.


Many of our leaders and staff attended the Devoted leaders conference the other week with around 350 others in Darlington – there was a great sense of the presents of God and togetherness from our group of churches with many different nations represented.


A few of us from Gateway were involved in the Engagement event at Charing Cross in Woodhouse the other Saturday where it was great to meet some of the local residents and also those from other charities working in the area.


The Grounds team are continuing to put in the graft as we work into the summer – last month they spent time mowing, strimming, edging the path, adding to the compost and tending to the plants.



This is a place where we hope to share what we have been up to in Gateway, to let the whole church know of activities and aspects of church life including wider outreach and initiatives that you may not always get to witness or hear about. We want to encourage everyone with all the good and exciting projects we are part of and give space to look back, reflect on and thank God and others in our church community who serve in the local area, the city or further afield.

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