We LOVE to celebrate at Gateway!


  • This week we want to say a massive congratulations to the newly wedded Gateway couple Jack & Jess Clarke who tied the knot at St Mark’s on 12th April. It was a very special day with many of our Gateway family contributing to the wedding ceremony.


  • In other church family news we had another thanksgiving service this Sunday during the 10am gathering to praise God and pray for two of our precious children Zoe-Joy Evans & Daniel Wrightman.


  • We want to give a BIG shout out and thanks to all those individuals who served at our different Easter events (there are many of you!)…

Good Friday – Passover meal: Bryn and Shaheen, Fiona and Cornelius, Amy, Gareth, Noni, Jesse and Eleni, Hannah and Tamara, Frances, Diane, Simon, Esther and Jez, Lesley and everyone who came along and took part!

Good Friday – Art Exhibition: Amy, Noni, Jesse & Eleni, Diane, Natalie, William & Evelyn, Sammy, Esther, Jez & Lydia, Sarah & Levi, Frances, Jenny and Anna. 

Easter Sunday – Celebration: Simon, Nick, James & Steve, Chris & Jo, Hannah C, John and Lesley, Adriana, Kirsty & Lorraine, Josh & Esther, Sam Sharman, Liz, Pete & Jared, Jonah & Mark, Hannah B, Cornelius, Gem & Ross.