Every Sunday we record our sermons so that you can catch up on our teaching at a time that is most convenient for you.
They are all available below.  Further down the page are other resources you may find useful, including notes for Life Groups from some of our preaches.

Sermons and Podcasts

Gateway Family Podcast

by Joelle Osei | 24th February 2021

What does Love look like? - A spiritual battle

by Chris Frost | 7th February 2021

Revelation - The 144,000 the harvest and the 7 bowls

by Chris Frost | 21st February 2020

What does Love look like? - Serving from the heart

by David Cole | 31st January 2021

Gateway Resources

Resources written by Gateway Church

communion documents

In 2018, Gateway introduced four different models for communion. The liturgy for each model and the slide set for the models can be found here.

Model 1 which explores the themes of self-examination, remembrance, unity, new family, worship and gratitude.

Model 2 which explores the themes of God’s promises fulfilled, Jesus’ triumph and anticipation of Jesus’ return.

Model 3 which explores the themes of God’s presence, one-anothering and the Holy Spirit filling us for mission.

Model 4  which explores the themes of God’s incarnation and Jesus as our mediator, priest and sacrifice.

The congregational reading can be found on this slide set.

External Resources

Resources written by others