During the first part of March as a church we hosted Janaki from Faith in Actions Ministries as part of her 3 week UK trip; it was a big encouragement to hear how God is moving in India through her ministry establishing churches, training students, running a school, a small business and much more.


There was a wider leaders evening where we had the privilege of John and Sam speaking about and addressing topics to do with recent cultural developments and what it means to be different as a Christian.


Amplify met also in March drawing a good number of young people together from across churches in Leeds and the region. From Gateway we saw our Chill-zone and Gateway youth come along and enjoy the space to encounter God. Thank you to Hannah and the Davys who served and others who volunteering on the day to make this event possible.


Hannah also visited Leeds City Academy (our local secondary school) to deliver lessons focused of the gift of grace as part of their Easter program to all year 7’s and she had a very positive reception and reaction to the gospel message. In the local primary school Quarry Mount 4 of us from Gateway are continuing to visit each week as part of the TLG early intervention program through one to one coaching and mentoring. The pastoral team there have commented that our presents is having a greater positive impact on the individual children than any other outside organisation going into the school – Praise God!


Lastly we want to thank God for a great provision the other week for our Food Bank – That Monday there wasn’t enough food for everyone but after praying the team saw the food stretching and somehow managing to feed everyone and all 19 families went away with plenty! Praise God!


This is a place where we hope to share what we have been up to in Gateway, to let the whole church know of activities and aspects of church life including wider outreach and initiatives that you may not always get to witness or hear about. We want to encourage everyone with all the good and exciting projects we are part of and give space to look back, reflect on and thank God and others in our church community who serve in the local area, the city or further afield.

If you have something to share please email it in to sarah.woodger@gatewayleeds.net